About the Author

Maria Antoinette Meredith is a new author with an activist spirit that wants to make the world a better place by sharing a simple message that makes us think. A message that makes us take a hard look at how we treat each other with the hope to inspire change. Mariais a wife and mother of three sons who has taught them to love God, family, and their fellowman. Maria is a wealth advisor by profession who understands the importance of helping people thrive in a holistic manner. In her downtime, Maria likes to travel, sing, dance, model and spend quality time with her family. 

About the Book

Kellie is a five-year-old girl who happens to be biracial.  Kellie loves who she is and embraces her two nationalities.

Kellie’s mother was born in the great continent of Africa and her father is from the beautiful terrain of Australia. Her parents have taught her she is beautiful just the way she was born, with her wild curly hair, thick lips and perfect blend of her mother’s charcoal-colored skin with her father’s creamy eggshell hue.

Because of her parents instilling self-love in her, Kellie has become a confident, outgoing, positive little girl that has inspired others that look different from her to love who they are. This makes her a positive force in her school and creates an atmosphere to grow and learn.